EPBC Act Portal user guides

EPBC Act Business Portal user guides

The new EPBC Act Business Portal was launched in April 2022 and replaces the old way of lodging referrals via Online Services. The new portal design included extensive stakeholder consultation and has been built to be more intuitive and user friendly.

All project information, with the exception of not-yet-submitted draft applications, has been migrated successfully from Online Services to the new EPBC Act Business Portal.

The EPBC Act referral submission component of Online Services has now been de-activated.

Drafts applications that had not been submitted have not been moved from Online Services to the EPBC Act Business Portal. Read only access will be available for a limited time. If you need assistance with transferring an un-submitted draft from Online Services to the EPBC Act Business Portal, please contact Referrals Gateway.

The user guide below will show you how to use the new EPBC Act Business Portal, including how to register and login, complete your declarations, and submit your referral application online.

If you have any feedback on the user guides and supporting materials, please email us at epbc.referrals@environment.gov.au.

EPBC Act Public Portal user guides

The new EPBC Act Public Portal was launched in March 2022 and replaces how the Australian community tracks and makes comments on EPBC Act referrals.

The old way of providing comments via the EPBC Public Notices page and Have Your Say platforms will be decommissioned once the last of these projects have closed. All project information from these older systems will be available on the EPBC Act Public Portal. Users can register to gain access to enhanced features such as notifications regarding project activity.