Offshore renewable energy process

Timeline text

Process for offshore wind in Australia

Time points
Phase 1 – Area Declaration (6-9 months)
Area identification and preliminary assessment

We engage with various government agencies to understand risks to environment, shipping, aviation and defence when mapping out a proposed area.

Phase 1 – Area Declaration (6-9 months)
Public consultation on proposed area

Public consultation is open for a minimum of 60 days. We advertise the proposal so you know how to provide your feedback.

Phase 1 – Area Declaration (6-9 months)
Area declared if suitable

The Minister considers all submissions and makes a decision to declare all of the proposed area, some of the proposed area or to not declare the area at all.

Phase 2 – Feasibility Licence (2-7 years)
Feasibility Licence Application

Proponents apply for feasibility licences. Applications are assessed against the merit criteria, before the Minister grants feasibility licences to successful proponents. A feasibility licence lasts for 7 years.

Phase 2 – Feasibility Licence (2-7 years)
Environmental and other approvals received and opportunity for community feedback

Feasibility licence holders begin studies on the area. Environmental and other approvals are acquired during the feasibility licence period. Public consultation is required as part of environmental approvals under the EPBC Act.

Phase 2 – Feasibility Licence (2-7 years)
Management plan development and opportunity for feedback to manage co-existence

Feasibility licence holders develop management plans that must address workplace health and safety, conditions or requirements of other approvals, and coexistence with  other marine users and industries. Management plans must be approved by the Offshore Infrastructure Regulator before a proponent can apply for a commercial licence.

Phase 3 – Commercial Licence (up to 40 years)
Commercial licence application

Proponents apply for commercial licences. The Minister grants commercial licences only if all required criteria have been met

Phase 3 – Commercial Licence (up to 40 years)
Construction, Operation and Decommissioning with ongoing consultation to manage co-existence

Once a commercial licence is granted, proponents can begin construction. Consultation with directly impacted marine businesses is required throughout construction and operation. Projects must be decommissioned at the end of their life.