A guide to The Integrated Marine and Coastal Regionalisation of Australia - version 4.0 June 2006 (IMCRA v4.0)

Department of the Environment and Heritage
IMCRA 4 cover


You can also download the IMCRA v4.0 maps separately:

About the report

IMCRA v4.0: combined inshore and off-shelf regionalisations

IMCRA v4.0 is the product of the combination of the Interim Marine and Coastal Regionalisation of Australia (IMCRA v3.3), which provided a marine regionalisation of inshore waters, with the National Marine Bioregionalisation (NMB), a regionalisation of off-shelf waters. In combining the two national scale marine regionalisations, IMCRA v4.0 covers Australia’s waters from the coast to the edge of the Exclusive Economic Zone excluding Antarctica and Heard and Macdonald Islands.