Reef 2050 Plan - Implementation Strategy

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This Strategy outlines the governance arrangements and engagement processes to ensure a continued collaborative approach to implementation across government and with stakeholders, underpinned by the best possible scientific and expert advice. It also provides a summary of the progress to date, including those actions that have already been delivered and identifies those actions that are due in 2015 and clearly allocates lead agencies and timeframes for their delivery. It also identifies how progress will be monitored and reported, including a summary of progress on establishment of the Integrated Monitoring and Reporting Program.

Key to implementation is clear accountability for actions. Each Reef 2050 Plan action will be assigned to a lead organisation or agency, with outputs coordinated by a joint secretariat and agencies accountable to Ministers.

In order to ensure effective independent input and oversight, two formal bodies with direct access to accountable Ministers will be established. One group comprising representative bodies with interest in Great Barrier Reef matters –the Reef 2050 Advisory Committee – and another, an expert group to provide independent science and expert advice – the Reef 2050 Independent Expert Panel.

Performance will be assessed and outputs monitored through formal annual reports outlining progress on implementation of actions and progress towards the Reef 2050 Plan targets, and where appropriate, towards the longer term objectives. A formal detailed progress report on the state of the entire property  (through the Outlook Report) is to be delivered every five years from 2019.

This Strategy is designed to be a continually evolving document that is regularly reviewed and revised to capture new actions as they are prioritised as well as reporting on progress of actions underway.

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