Data Preparation Guidelines for Banders (CODD)

Department of the Environment and Energy

Preparation of Banding Data for Capture of Disk Data (CODD) Version 1.8

About the Data Preparation guidelines

Most banders have computerised their banding data for retention and study. The Australian Bird & Bat Banding Scheme (ABBBS) has sought to broaden its capacity to receive banding data electronically to reduce double handling of data by banders and by the Banding Office. The objectives have been to:

  1. maximise the amount of data being submitted electronically;
  2. minimise the amount of work required in the Banding Office to transfer data into the database (data grooming, error correction), by providing validation and submission capability through the on line portal, and to
  3. allow banders considerable latitude in submitting data electronically to the ABBBS.

The main constraints have been that

  • The ABBBS’s Oracle database has a quite rigidly defined structure and data must conform to that structure to be accepted into the database;
  • banders usually have their computer record systems set up to suit their own needs and preferences. Their data are seldom in precisely the format demanded by the ABBBS database, and
  • banders use a range of PC software, determined by what they can afford, or what they can share. Software programs store data differently and records from one program might not make sense to the ABBBS Oracle database.