Recommended band size list - Birds of Australia and its Territories

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About the document

This list contains all extant bird species which have been recorded for Australia and its Territories, including Antarctica, Norfolk Island, Christmas Island and Cocos and Keeling Islands, with their respective RAOU numbers and band sizes as recommended by the Australian Bird and Bat Banding Scheme.

The list is in two parts:

Part 1 is in taxonomic order, based on information in The Taxonomy and Species of Birds of Australia and its Territories (1994) by Leslie Christidis and Walter E. Boles, RAOU Monograph 2, RAOU, Melbourne, for non-passerines; and The Directory of Australian Birds: Passerines (1999) by R. Schodde and I.J. Mason, CSIRO Publishing, Collingwood, for passerines.

Part 2 is in alphabetic order of common names.