Restoring Our Rivers Trading Strategy 2024-25

Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water

About the trading strategy

The Restoring Our Rivers Trading Strategy 2024-25 provides information about Australian Government water purchasing towards the 450 GL for 2024-25 and ensures that information is readily available to all market participants. It has been prepared for the purposes of s12.49(3)(iv) of the Basin Plan.

The trading strategy supports the Voluntary Water Purchase Program. It is one of 3 programs established to deliver the 450 GL of additional environmental water.

The approach to recovering the 450 GL of additional environmental water is focussed on three guiding principles:

  1. enhanced environmental outcomes
  2. minimising socio-economic impacts
  3. achieving value for money.

Under this trading strategy there is no fixed volume to be recovered from each state, each catchment or each water right type.The department will seek to purchase water rights from willing sellers that represent the best value for money and consideration will be given to maintaining balance between states and within the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder’s portfolio.

The trading strategy will be reviewed regularly to ensure it remains current.

Purchasing activities in 2024-25

Purchase activities undertaken in the first year of the Program will concentrate on the southern connected basin the Restoring Our Rivers 2024 Selected Catchments Open Tender.

An expressions of interest process to inform scope of potential water purchasing for year 2 will also commence in 2024.

For the latest information, visit Voluntary Water Purchase Program for the 450 GL (Restoring our Rivers)