Strategic Water Purchasing Framework (Bridging the Gap) and supporting documents

Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water
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About the framework

The Strategic Water Purchasing Framework sets out the Australian Government’s strategy for recovering the remaining 49.2 gigalitres (GL) gap to achieve the Sustainable Diversion Limits (SDLs) under the Murray–Darling Basin Plan (Basin Plan). This Framework is also a trading strategy for the purposes of s12.49 of the Basin Plan 2012.

About the Addendum

The Trading Strategy Addendum was released in June 2024. It includes updated information on voluntary water purchase activities planned for 2024-25. These activities are to recover the remaining gap to Sustainable Diversion Limits in the northern Basin. This addendum should be read in conjunction with the 2023 Strategic Water Purchasing Framework.

About the factsheet

The Strategic Water Purchasing – Bridging the Gap factsheet provides a short summary of the Strategic Water Purchasing Framework.

Catchment snapshots

The following snapshots of the 7 catchments reflect what the Australian Government heard from direct engagement, including over several years in some cases. This has been received through feedback from Basin states as well as reports and submissions regarding the Murray–Darling Basin Plan.

These snapshots are provided to reflect information heard prior to the publication of the Framework and do not reflect policy decisions of governments.



Surface water

Condamine-Balonne Surface Water Recovery (PDF 510 KB)
Condamine-Balonne Surface Water Recovery (DOCX 470 KB)


Condamine-Balonne Ground Water Recovery (PDF 518 KB)
Condamine-Balonne Ground Water Recovery (DOCX 340 KB)

New South Wales


Surface water

Barwon-Darling Surface Water Recovery (PDF 664 KB)
Barwon-Darling Surface Water Recovery (DOCX 424 KB)

NSW Border Rivers

Surface water

NSW Border Rivers Surface Water Recovery (PDF 596 KB)
NSW Border Rivers Surface Water Recovery (DOCX 536 KB)


Surface water

Namoi Surface Water Recovery (PDF 665 KB)
Namoi Surface Water Recovery (DOCX 540 KB)


Surface water

Lachlan Surface Water Recovery (PDF 608 KB)
Lachlan Surface Water Recovery (DOCX 243 KB)

NSW Murray

Surface water

NSW Murray Surface Water Recovery (PDF 650 KB)
NSW Murray Surface Water Recovery (DOCX 325 KB)

Australian Capital Territory

Surface water

Purchasing water individual entitlements is not possible from the ACT as the primary water recovery opportunity is from urban water management activities within the ACT.

ACT Surface Water Recovery (PDF 541 KB)
ACT Surface Water Recovery (DOCX 574 KB)

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