Our culture and conditions

We don’t just measure success on delivering our objectives, but on how well our people develop and succeed in their careers. We strive to make our department the best place to work. We’ll support you to create the career you want with:

  • mobility and secondment opportunities
  • access to formal and informal training and development
  • exposure to multiple subject areas
  • flexible working arrangements

We are committed to a culture where difference is valued and respected. We work together and leverage the benefits of our diversity. All our colleagues are supported to contribute their ideas and expertise.

Find out more about our people

Aerial panoramic photograph of eroding sandstone shores of Murray River at dusk.

What do you value about how we work at DCCEEW?

Nick Vazenios - "I value how we work with ambition. We're focused each day on good outcomes that protect, restore and manage our environment and that's a great reason to come to work."

Sybille O'Sullivan - "I value that we can bring ourselves to a supportive and inclusive workplace where we can really think creatively and get better outcomes."

Scott Murn - "I really value that we put a lot of emphasis on safety and wellbeing."

Mohamed Al Abri - "I value working at DCCEEW because it aligns a lot with my personal values of climate change, energy and environment and water, and these are some activities that I have spent a lot of time in my personal life working on so it's really great to see my passion being able to be brought into the workplace and helping with the purpose of the department."

Cymbaline - "I value the huge diversity of the department. Where else do you get to solve problems for both Antarctica and Kakadu? Super exciting!"

Daryl Mannell - "I value the work the department undertakes because it's forever work. Work that impacts not only existing but future generations."

Nicole Middleton - "I value the way that we work with partners to manage our marine parks including First Nations People and researchers."

Troy Czabania - "As one of the newest departments of state, I really value looking at new ways of working and whatever they may be and that's really exciting."

What does flexible working mean to you?

Nick Vazenios - "Flexible working means balance. I think we can come to work and give it our all and still have enough left in the tank to live life outside of work."

Mohamed Al Abri - "Flexible working is all about trust for me. It means you can trust your employees to work anywhere anytime and still complete the tasks you need them to do. It also gives the department an edge on employee value proposition so we can attract the best people to come and work for us because we have the best conditions."

Scott Murn - " To me flexible working means finding a really healthy balance between working from home and in the office."

Sybille O'Sullivan - "Flexible working means to me to provide a framework in a modern workplace allowing people to cross collaborate, and have concentrated sprints, and to allow for high performing teams."

Nicole Middleton - " Flexible working means I can plan and balance my day working with stakeholders across 3 time zones."

Daryl Mannell - "Flexible working means I get to do very important work and do it up here in paradise."

How we work at DCCEEW

We are committed to building a culture which creates the best possible place to work. A place that is inclusive, values diversity, is free of judgement and allows people to be their best selves.

Work with purpose

Working with us will give you opportunities to work on complex policy problems. You could work on the design, development, implementation or evaluation of research, policy and programs. Our actions support climate change action, environmental protection, and our energy needs now and into the future.

Our work is varied, fast paced and impactful. We use world-class science and technology to inform decision makers and influencers.

Our colleagues are passionate about their work. They enjoy seeing the positive impact their work has on communities and businesses. Everyone's contribution is valued. From our people on the ground in regional areas to our policy and support officers in our capital cities.

Wide aerial panorama of Hume Highway and wind farm in Australian countryside at Breadalbane.
Modern science research laboratory with microscope.

Work with influence

We work closely with key stakeholders. These include:

  • Australian businesses
  • Australian, state and territory and international governments and departments
  • international organisations
  • Australian and international universities.

‘The team I work with is very supportive, we all have our own strengths and are more than happy to share knowledge. Additionally, our manager ensures that our workload is never too high and that we all have interesting and meaningful projects to work on.

Flexible working is fully supported, and there is a strong emphasis on having a healthy work-life balance’

Matt Binns
Geospatial Analyst, Data and Analytics Office

A person holding a small lizard in their hand. Image credit Michelle Glover.

Work flexibly

We support our team members to work in remote and regional areas. Technology enables us to interact with team members whether they are in offices or working from home across Australia.

Our flexible working arrangements provide room to strike a healthy balance for you and your work, whatever your needs.